Igor Ledochowski - Achieving Life Long Success

If you are keen on learning Conversational Hypnosis then one of the "must learn" from guys on this topic is Igor Ledochowski his teaching technique is as legend in the hypnosis world. Who is this man and what exactly is the Igor Ledochowski Technique? Igor Ledochowski is the author of seve

Whose Life is it Anyway?

We have to remember what is for you is for you and your life should not be penalized for the wrong decisions a parent, sibling or close friend has made in the past that has placed them in the predicament they are in now. No one can hold you back from your dreams but you.

Against All Expectations

Focus on your potential and believe in yourself. Disregard the obstacles before you and be determined to achieve what you have set before you to achieve. Always have it at the back of your mind that, those that have made it today, are those who have failed to live by the conclusion of people and hav

Learning The Fine Art Of Letting Go

We are not exempt from hurting, resentments, and some other negative emotions. Some of us have been broken-hearted, been burned and jaded. Sometimes, we've been into the pits of despair that we become so numb ...