Baptism in the Holy Spirit, Smith Wigglesworth Speaks in Tongues

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Smith Wigglesworth got to a point in his walk with God where he said, "I cannot rest any longer, I must have these tongues.
"A woman in the faith replied, "Brother Wigglesworth, it is not the tongues you need but the Baptism.
If you will allow God to baptize you, the other will be alright.
"When she rose up and laid her hands on Smith, the fire of God fell.
Wigglesworth cried out, "The fire's falling.
"Wigglesworth said of the experience: "Then I saw that God had purified me.
It seemed that God gave me a new vision, and I saw a perfect being within me with mouth open, saying, 'Clean!Clean!Clean!'When I began to repeat it I found myself speaking in other tongues.
The joy was so great that when I came to utter it my tongue failed, and I began to worship God in other tongues as the Spirit gave me utterance.
" Indeed, as it was on the day of Pentecost when the Spirit of the Lord came as fire and filled all who had assembled to pray, so too does the Spirit of God fill hungry hearts today.
Upon being filled with the Holy Spirit, they did not just begin to speak - but they spoke "with other tongues" (Acts 2:4).
These were the tongues of every nation under heaven.
It occurred supernaturally in that they who were speaking were only Galileans (v.
Yet all the nationalities of the world gathered around to hear the gospel of God in their native tongue.
God still sends messengers today to communicate in the language of the people.
God still fills His servants to overflowing with His Spirit.
The gifts of the Spirit still snap, crackle, and pop with power as they did two-thousand years ago!Yet before God can fill you it is necessary that you be emptied - emptied of self, sin and perhaps your denominationalism and doctrine.
Only as you decrease can God come and increase in your life.
God has placed "diversities of tongues" in His Church to edify sinner and saint (1 Cor.
Because God put "tongues" in the church, not the devil, it is imperative that we discover their usefulness and purpose.
The devil knows the mighty usefulness and purpose of tongues.
This is precisely why Satan has sought to remove tongues from the Church.
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