How to Achieve Prosperity by Changing Your Mindset

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How badly do you want to get out of your current level of prosperity? How frustrated are you with the areas that lack in your life? Do you let your small-thinking mindset win? When we let it win, we constantly find ourselves making excuses for the way we are.
Don't let it win.
We think that if everything around us changes, then we will be rich.
Then we will be prosperous.
Then we will be happy.
If everything in your life changed-your friends, your environment, your house, your job, your relationships-but you didn't change, then nothing would change.
Some people keep complaining about their miserable lives.
"I hate my job!", "I hate my body!", "He never understands me!", "My staff keep slacking off!" How many times do you think like this? You say you hate these certain things, but the truth is, you don't hate them enough.
If you really hated these things, you would've done something about it.
You wouldn't tolerate it.
The first step to your prosperity is to make a decision.
Declare to yourself, "I'm through with this.
I'm not gonna stay here anymore!" When you stop tolerating these negative aspects of your life, you will start to make a change.
You will burn all bridges to your old self, and go to war with your puny mindset.
Be committed to changing your life.
It doesn't matter who you are, where you're from, what you did.
Simply make a decision-a strong one-to do something to change your world.
That is when you will start your journey to the person you were born to be.
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