What to Consider Before Buying an Olive Oil Facial Cleanser

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You might disagree, but hear me out on this.
What should you consider before you buy an olive oil facial cleanser? You might want to think about the fact that oils could not be cleansing.
One of the primary purposes of using cleansers is to remove excessive oils.
When natural oils, called sebum, build up on the skin, bacteria, which is normally present, feed on them.
Sebum has some natural antibacterial activity, but only when it is initially secreted.
Olive "leaf" extract has some natural antibacterial activity, too.
But, it is due to a compound that is not present in the oil.
If the sebum and the bacteria continue to build up, pimples or blemishes can occur.
After a while, if it is not cleaned away, odor occurs.
Cleansers are an important part of any skincare ritual.
While an olive oil facial cleanser might be alright for occasional use, it is not something that you would want to use on a daily basis.
People with excessive dryness may find that the popular cleansers are irritating.
My suggestion is tea tree oil.
It might sound like I am contradicting myself, but tea tree oil has natural antibacterial activity.
Another excellent choice is manuka honey.
It, too, has natural antibacterial and antioxidant activity.
The problem with most cleansers is that they contain petroleum-based alcohols.
These cause burning, redness and irritation.
They strip away sebum, which only stimulates the production of more.
So, they are a bad choice for people with excessive oiliness or excessive dryness.
One of the things that an olive oil facial cleanser could provide is moisture.
But, the cleansing would come from the use of clean clothes and warm water, not from the olive oil, itself.
Your best bet is to use a gentle cleansing solution on a daily basis.
There are many on the market.
On a bi-weekly or an occasional basis, use a deep cleansing mask.
You may have tried masks before and found that they dried out after a few minutes.
They were difficult to remove and might even have caused some irritation.
There are new masks on the market that will not dry out, because they contain macadamia oil.
That is a luxurious moisturizer that soothes and nourishes the skin's layers.
The cleansing ingredients in the mask are bentone gel, allantoin and kaolin.
You will not find those ingredients in an olive oil facial cleanser.
They are extracts from clay and sugar beets that work together to absorb excessive oils and pull dirt out of the pores.
Regardless of how dry your skin is, there is dirt and pollutants that need to be removed on a daily basis.
There is no need to use an abrasive cleanser.
But you do need to use something that has some cleansing activity.
Do yourself a favor.
After cleansing, follow up with a nourishing moisturizer.
Use one that contains grape seed oil during the day and one that contains avocado oil at night.
You are not likely to be happy with the results of an olive oil facial cleanser.
But, you have other options.
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