How to Build an Indomitable Spirit

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If only we all had the same indomitable spirit that is displayed so eloquently by the Japanese. Even under the pressure of a huge triple disaster, this nation shows their intrinsic emotional as well as organizational strength.

I am sure that you, like me, have been closely following the events in Japan which are currently unfolding. The horror of having to deal with a huge earthquake, closely followed by a tsunami and a potential radiation leak from a nuclear plant would for most of us be almost too much to bear. With each new news release, I am constantly and repeatedly reminded of the indomitable spirit of the Japanese.

Japan, we are told, is the nation best prepared to cope with these multiple disasters. They are prepared in more than just matters of practicality. Yes, they have systems in place to deal with disaster. Their instinct to respond in a manner of orderly and respectful control is also clearly beneficial when dealing with disaster. They also have a powerful attitude, an indomitable spirit.

There is much that we can all learn from this. When we face fear or threat of any description we fall back upon our instincts. It pays for those instinctive thoughts, behaviors and reactions to be those that are strong, as opposed to weak.

Japan, because of its position, is subjected to the threat of earthquakes as a matter of daily life. The Japanese people learn at an early age how to deal with this threat. They are taught how to respond in a calm and controlled manner and how to help each other to survive.

When you are born into a community where the people around you are calm, controlled and respectful you inevitably learn these attributes yourself. We learn from example. This type of learning comes from watching, listening and daily observation. We assimilate ways of living by just being in a community; we learn by example.

In many other places in the world we do not see this same sense of orderliness and respect. We all too frequently observe behaviors that are both thoughtless to others and anything but controlled. If we wish this to change then we have to work to lead by example. No matter how other people around you act, you yourself always have the power to act in a calm and respectful manner.

We have the choice of placing a calming blanket to snuff out a fire instead of fanning the flames. We can always choose our responses to any set of circumstances.

But although we always have this power of choice, we also have to sometimes fight our own instinctive emotional and behavioral reactions. We may logically know that we should respond in one way whilst our emotions are screaming at us to respond in an entirely different manner. We have seen so many times in the last few days, how the Japanese have learned to do exactly this.

If you wish to respond with this type of indomitable spirit, then you have to find ways in which to control your emotions and focus your mind. Hypnosis is very useful to one who wishes to do this.

With hypnosis you take a step back and can see things from a different angle. You can examine your subconscious patterns of thought and behavior and also sew the seeds of change. You can align conscious and subconscious thoughts and reactions. As you learn to control your own thoughts and reactions and display a persona of calm control you also set an example to the community around you.

Roseanna Leaton. Specialist in hypnosis mp3 downloads for well-being.

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