A Quick Glimpse at Leadership

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Leadership is a field that is inundated with gurus and human behavior intellectuals of various sorts.
And so therefore, why in the world would I want to pursue something so competitive.
Well, quite frankly because, I believe I am a unique individual, with a unique history and I have something to share with others in our world that I believe could be helpful to others.
This is a huge world with a world population that will soon reach seven billion people and so therefore I believe that there is plenty of room for all of us to discuss leadership.
Also, I have yet to read whereby someone has the sole rights to write about leadership or that there has been so much written about leadership that there is no more room for literature about leadership development.
What I described on the above paragraph in essence is my leadership intuition.
My intuition of the refusal to accept those whom have told me - "why in the world would you pick such a topic to promote yourself" or you are picking a career path that you won't win because other more established gurus will run all over you.
You so see, I am not a believer in giving up nor do I quit at something just because someone has told me I don't have a chance to succeed before I even have gotten started.
I refuse to be denied the opportunity of my choice of economic freedom and of an independent career path, in which I will be working at something that I love doing.
I remember a friend of mine who was told, don't do it, don't try it, you will get your head knock off your shoulders.
But you see my friend had a tremendous amount of tenacity, determination and courage.
He was a person who did not understand the work quit or being a loser; this guy was an absolute winner and he wanted to win at all cost; he was going to win no matter what.
I am talking about a Hall of Fame Boxer, the first boxing Champion to have earned a College degree while being a Champion the only Welterweight Champion to defend his title four times in one year, an immigrant to this country, an actor, a TV commentator and an entrepreneur.
This to me folks is leadership at a glimpse.
Leadership at a glimpse is the determination to succeed at your endeavored dream.
It is to practice the love of devotion to your career path with the focus of diligence with successful leadership being the ultimate price.
By the way friend is a guy name Carlos Palomino.
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