Our baby sleeps on a cloud

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Old fashioned inner-spring and vinyl crib mattresses are more than a little dangerous. Therefore, we spent a few extra Euros and went for a safer, comfortable organic crib mattress. We sleep better at night knowing that our baby sleeps on a little cloud.

Common sense would suggest her crib is the safest place in a bay's little world. After feeding, rocking, and singing to our little girl, we imagine we put her safely in bed for a good night's rest and sweet dreams. What possibly could harm her while she slumbers? In fact, the springs inside her old-fashioned crib mattress and the vinyl cover encasing it may number among the greatest menaces she encounters all day. And, even if the mattress itself is reasonably safe, the fire retardant chemicals that keep would keep her safe in a house fire nevertheless put her at risk of respiratory failure as the mattress emits toxic gases in decidedly dangerous concentrations. An organic crib mattress, however, poses none of these risks, so that sending our baby into dreamland on her all-cotton-and-wool mattress assures that she is sleeping is safely as she would sleep in our arms.

Dangers of old-fashioned crib mattresses

A growing body of research implicates the materials and manufacturing in old-fashioned inner-spring crib mattresses in well over half of all Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) cases. Rust-proofing the inner springs, manufacturers of inexpensive crib mattresses rub the steel springs with oil refined from petroleum€"in effect a very lightweight equivalent of motor oil. Porous, the springs absorb the majority of the oil, but the oil continues to €off-gas€ toxic and carcinogenic fumes for up to ten years after a mattress's manufacture. The vinyl covering on inexpensive mattresses similarly off-gases nearly fifty petro-chemical fumes that may restrict, interrupt, or stop a baby's respiration. Moreover, manufacturers of inexpensive crib mattresses cut production costs by reducing the number and firmness of the inner springs, obviously compromising their capacity to support babies in safe, proper sleeping positions. The conclusion is frighteningly clear: The cheaper the mattress, the more dangerous it is for your baby.

Advantages of organic crib mattresses

The organic materials in our baby's mattress are both earth-friendly and baby-safe. The batting and filling are made of organically grown cotton and organically processed wool. In fact, the wool producers tend their sheep with exceptional care for their health, carefully keeping their diet free of chemicals, drugs, vitamin supplements, and all other substances that might inadvertently transfer to humans via their wool. They manifest equal care in shearing their sheep and carding the wool. They never process their wool on carding machines that have processed commercially grown wool, because they refuse to risk transfer of toxic chemicals. Naturally flame retardant, wool, in fact, exceeds the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission's standards without any supplemental treatment whatsoever. Because European researchers suspect €antimony,€ a very widely used flame retardant, is a prime contributor to SIDS deaths, we derive a great deal of comfort knowing our baby is not inhaling its fumes or any other toxic gases.

Of course, an organic crib mattress contains no petrochemicals, so it does not off-gas or rub carcinogens into our baby's skin. Just as importantly, because designers have developed new organic mattresses with the SIDS data in mind, our organic mattress supports our baby in the proper sleeping position, minimizing the risk that she somehow will twist, roll, or stretch into a position that restricts her breathing or puts her at-risk of aspirating her own spit-up or saliva. Our little girl cuddles comfortably into her organic mattress just as willingly as she curls-up in our arms; she obviously feels safe and supported as she sleeps.
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