How To Get A Natural Spray Tan

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More people are leaving the sun for indoor spray tanning.
You can get a beautiful tan in just five minutes, where the sun takes hours.
Spray tanning has become the best way to get a natural tan fast and easy.
Most indoor tanners are using this method more than any other way of tanning.
When you go to the tanning salon, you step in a private booth, turn on the nozzle and you're done in five minutes.
You need to prepare your skin first by showering and using a moisturizer, then use extra lotion on your elbows, knees, between your toes and around your hairline.
It's important to use lotion suggested by the instructor that will protect your skin from the UV rays and eye goggles supplied by the tanning salon to protect your eyes.
Wear a shower cap to protect your hair from the solution.
Be sure to remove all jewelry and hair clips.
You can wear whatever clothing you like as long as it's loose or you can wear nothing at all.
When you're finished, turn off the nozzle, step out of the booth and use a towel to wipe off the excess mist from your skin.
Use a paper towel to remove the shower cap and eye goggles.
After you dry, apply an after tanning lotion to keep your skin soft and moisturized.
Wait for four hours before taking a shower and apply the after lotion again.
Don't let the lines from the goggles discourage you from wearing them again; they will disappear in a few hours.
They block the UV rays and protect your vision so it's a must that you do wear them.
Do not go in the direct sunlight after spray tanning.
Wear clothing to cover as much skin as possible until the solution takes effect for a few hours.
Two to three spray tans a week will keep your skin looking great.
Always use the after tanning lotion.
It helps block in your skin's moisture keeping it from drying out and will also protect your skin when you go outside in the sun for any reason.
Getting a natural spray tan will help your skin keep it's youthfulness along with the lotions.
It takes hours laying in the sun to get the same results as spray tanning, except there are more risks because you're overexposed to the sun's UV rays.
Women dreamed of this back in the 1970's wishing for a quick tan for their date that night, they just didn't know it would be in a tanning booth.
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