Understanding the resistance band, its uses and benefits!

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Exercise bands are so popular nowadays that it is only fair that we dig deeper in to the dynamics of these great workout tools. At gyms and homes across the world, the exercise band is the new power tool for fitness enthusiasts. There are more than a few reasons behind its popularity. Easily usable by both beginners and veterans in fitness, these bands are just as effective as most heavy duty exercise equipment and also comparatively much more expensive.  Today millions of unit of exercise bands sell every year and a generally purchased by a wide range of people. Read further to understand the reasons behind the popularity of these workout equipments.

How Do Kinetic Bands Work?

For those who haven't used resistance bands before, the general query is how these bands work. The answer to that is as simple as these tools themselves. The basic principal behind the effectiveness of these bands is the resistance that is generally put up when using them in simple and complex workouts. Just like using weights, these bands compel the body to work against resistances that result in a fully effective strength training routine.

Different Kinds of Resistance Bands

These bands come in different resistance levels that are generally color coded according to the levels they offer. The levels of resistance on offer usually vary from light, medium to heavy and extra heavy. The level of resistance one works with usually dictates the results one gets from working out with these bands.


Light resistance bands usually work best for beginners at the gym and are also popular with seniors, those with physical handicaps and for physiotherapy sessions.


These bands are the most commonly used and working out with them is popular amongst the average gym goers and fitness enthusiasts.


Generally used for heavy duty workouts, these bands are preferred by workout veterans.

Extra Heavy

These tools offer the highest levels of resistance and are popular amongst professional body builders and sportspeople.

Tube Bands and Basic Bands

Whilst all exercise bands come in different resistance levels, the ones without handles are generally known as the basic variety whilst the one's with handles and door cuffs are known as tube bands. Whilst buying tube bands one must keep in mind that purchasing the kind with foam tubes are generally better considering one can work out with them for a long time without resulting in sore hands or blisters.

Benefits of Exercise Bands

Understanding the potential benefits of working out with these bands is integral for any body wishing to incorporate them in to their daily workouts. Exercise bands have a wide range of benefits in terms of thorough fitness and strength training. One of the most apparent benefits is the fact that these bands serve well to tone the body with regular use. These bands are also a regular feature in strength training modules as they are highly effective in this department. All in all, fitness bands are here to stay.

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