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If you're in the market for a shallow water boat, come to Dolphin Boats and discover our extensive range of custom-built, high-quality boats. We pride ourselves on being an industry leader in shallow water fishing boats for over 54 years. Our team is made up of boating fanatics and expert fishermen, all of whom work hard to create the exact boats you dream about. Shallow water boats come in different lengths, with varying levels of power, different hull designs, styles and countless custom features. Whatever you can think of, we can build. Try us, we've seen it all.

Rather than purchasing a mass-produced, generic shallow water boat, we recommend investing in a custom build from Dolphin to meet your exact needs. Our team of expert designers will listen to your insights and use our expertise to create a shallow water boat suited to your specifications. We know that investing in a custom-built shallow water boat is certainly worth the time and effort. We guarantee it.

Your Five Top Options From the Designers at Dolphin Boats

16' Renegade Pro - This ultra shallow water skiff was designed for operation in 5" of water or less. It keeps you exceptionally dry thanks to integrated spray rails.

16' Super Skiff Pro - This is the most widely used and respected boat in flats fishing today. It's designed for long range running in open bays and the hull is designed to keep you dry even in challenging conditions.

17' Super Skiff Pro - This is a fast, long-range skiff that allows you to fish all day while being poled in 8" of water.

18' Backcountry Pro - Known in the Florida Keys as "The Pride", this is one of the most versatile flats fishing boats in the world. It rides incredibly smooth and is just as reliable for decades of fun.

20' Bay Boat - This beauty was created using direct input from our pro-guide staff and dedicated customers. It's designed for serious anglers and perfect for long-distance runs.

For more information about our custom-built flats fishing boats or if you would like to know more about shallow water fishing, please don't hesitate to contact us today. Discover why so many fishing enthusiasts choose our shallow water boats. We look forward to hearing from you. Buying a flats boat is not always the easy task which people make it out to be. Choosing the boat that is a perfect for your needs is important as this is an investment you should enjoy for a very long time.
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