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Weight loss is really very simple, exercises, gyms, medicines all are helpful, though not always possible.
One thing one can always keep an eye on is counting the calorie intake.
We have to burn more calories then we consume in a day.
If one can actually understand this, then he/she is on the perfect way to lose weight.
There are some childlike steps.
Like: We have to count how many calories we eat in a day.
Just watch out the amount of calorie you eat after we get up from bed till we go to sleep and have to keep a record of it.
If you think you are wasting your time by calculating this then you are certainly not serious on weight loss thing.
But, if you are really dedicated enough, then keep on reading your calories.
At the end, just add the number of total calories you took.
Be honest!!! Once you add it up, you get the total number of calories you consumed.
Then ascertain your weight.
From the day you started counting calories, eat less 500 calories than you normally take.
Let's think the day you started counting calories it was 2000.
For the rest week, you will eat 1500 calories per day.
You have to follow it like this: Instead of having 3 meals a day (breakfast, lunch and dinner), spread those out for over 5 smaller ones.
Take one meal every 2 to 3 hours.
This will definitely speed up the metabolism.
Along with these you should carry out yoga, light exercises, walking etc for half to one hour a day.
Yes, it depends on the amount of weight you want to lose.
So at the end of the week, just stand on your weight machine.
You must notice the difference now.
Don't think you will be losing a lot at a time, because it is really harmful for your health.
But carry on this honestly you can lose as much as u can.
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