Part 5 – The Heartbreak Comeback. Square Peg Moment

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I can remember like it was yesterday, there she was, massive curly red hair, beautiful, and oh my god could she dance and when I was in my teens that was basically the idea of perfect for me. Slowly I summoned up the courage and walked over to her and began to chat, it was about two minutes into the conversation when I should have realised we had a problem, but I was awestruck by her beauty and must have missed the signs but the facts were we had nothing in common, oh well I thought it will take time, sooner than later we will find common interest.

I persisted we continued to go out, try this try that always giving in to her whims, eating food I couldn't stand, watching movies I hated, but wow she was so beautiful and boy could she dance.

IT didn't really hit me until the big day when I would introduce her to my parents, we were having a BBQ and I invited her, I was so excited as I introduced her to all my family and some friends the funny thing was I really didn't feel the same excitement coming back from those I introduced her to, the penny dropped when I said to my Mother, "Wow isn't she beautiful" and my mother replied "Yes but dumb"

That moment (Mums are good at making that happen) I looked at her with different eyes I was lucky there was no music so I couldn't be blinded by her dancing! And I realised "What do I really see in her" so on the way home I asked her what she liked about me and she replied" Your  A Good Dancer" we never saw each other again.

Now this relationship lasted a grand total of a couple of weeks so there was not so much collateral damage, but I have known and moreover I see it every single day where people spend not two weeks but sometime years in a relationships knocking each other's heads against a brick wall trying to achieve the impossible, and what's that? "Trying to fit a Square Peg into a Round Hole"

You see there are some relationships that are just not meant to be, you can try as hard as you want, make and bend in so many areas, do what I did eat food you hate go to movies you don't like, listen to music you can't stand but sooner or later the truth has to hit and bingo your trying to put that peg into a hole that it just not made for.

Now what's this got to do with heartbreak Comebacks? Well apart from the fact that the topic can be  a huge conversation all by itself, this Square Peg scenario is a direct link with what we are talking about in this series Coming Back from heartbreaks. For some strange reason The Square Peg Round Hole scenario can be a major problem when we are working toward a Heartbreak Comeback so I'm preparing you in advance, you want to be saved way before you get your Mum or a close friend giving you the "What were you thinking" talk.

In the last article I mentioned that it's a good idea to be a Busy Bee and start a new hobby or interest the worst thing is to make the Hobby a "Human" But I see it, Old Guy finds Young Gal, Old Gal finds Young Boy and vice versa on all, mad creative fashion guru thinks Miss or Mr. plain dull and boring will change their life, Fitness crazy Momma finds fat and lazy papa and believes all is going to Gym and dandy all these scenarios have the major disastrous ingredients of Square Peg Round Hole Syndrome and sadly it in most cases has a sad ending and that is "What was I thinking Moment" and it can be a short or long term in coming but I can assure you it will.

So if you're about to embark on the Busy Bee path in your Comeback from Heartbreak moment and a "human" project crosses your path? Even though they be a great dancer, maybe huge muscles, could be rich and famous ask the big qualifying question? Take a moment and a deep breath and look in the mirror and ask yourself "Is this a Square peg moment?

Big Hugs to you

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