Women, How to Choose the Right Sized Kettlebell For Your Training Routine

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It can be quite confusing to decide on what size of kettlebell to use since it comes in an assortment of weights and sizes: 4kg, 8kg, 12kg, 16kg, 20kg, 24kg, 28kg, 32kg, 36kg, 40kg, 48kg, 56kg & 64kg.
This is when you wish you paid attention to the metric system so you know how much 20kg is.
1 kg is equal to 2.
2 pounds.
This article will talk about choosing the right size kettlebell for your training.
Women with little experience in exercise can start off with the 6kg or if you have some gym experience can jumpstart with 8kg.
Women who are in shape and workout consistently can go for a 12kg bell.
Some women will advance to a 16kg kettlebell, while a few Annie Oakleys will go beyond.
So what is a reasonably sized kettle bell? The handle's diameter of kettle bells for women should be 1.
35"- just a hair smaller than most cast kettlebells, and are more suitable for smaller hands.
You could go for an adjustable kettlebell since women typically have a larger difference between upper and lower body strength.
For example, weight can be challenging for pressing (a 12Kg for example), thus hampering the swing motion routine.
Your starting body weight is a non-issue.
In fact, women often experience a higher initial percentage strength gain than men who start kettlebell training.
Plus, kettlebells are easy and convenient to store, they can sit under your stairs or in the bottom of a cupboard and are always ready, all you need to do is grab a bell and enjoy a quick workout whenever you feel like it! You don't need to travel anywhere, there is nothing to set up and your workout time can be as little as just five minutes.
There's no denying that kettlebells look like a tough piece of training equipment but underneath that rough exterior lays an extremely effective, versatile, challenging and most importantly fun piece of training equipment.
Unfortunately our deep-suited social stereotypes lead us to pigeon hole them as a "male" piece of equipment but this couldn't be further from the truth, they come in a range of weights and sizes that make them easy for anybody to use.
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