How to Improve Eyesight With Yoga

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How to improve eyesight with Yoga

Eyes are among the most striking features of our face. Beautiful, healthy and fresh looking eyes are liked by everyone. But these days, have you not heard from people complaining about various eye problems such as tiredness, puffiness around eyes, short sightedness, long sightedness, poor focus, double vision, blurred vision, etc. If you are encountering these problems, then you are not alone. Almost all of us spend more than 8 hours before some kind of screen whether it is laptop, computer, television or just mobile. Our eyes are not made to stand such extensive work. Therefore, to retain the youthfulness, health and vision of eyes, it is vital for you to take care of this natural gift of God. There are various eye exercises in Yoga, those if practiced regularly are sure to gift you better vision, improved focus, stronger optical muscles and delay the signs of ageing such as dark circles, wrinkles and puffiness.

In this article, we have clubbed some basic and vital eye exercises that can help you achieve the above mentioned results. Yoga is known to have solutions for almost all health problems. When you encounter problem with your eyes, it is vital for you to get in touch with experienced eye specialist as timely check up and care can minimize the further loss and trouble. But additionally, if you follow a regular eye-exercise regime, you can avoid various eye-related problems to a larger extent.

Various therapeutic yoga techniques used are given herein below:-

Eye Rotations- Clockwise & Anti- Clockwise
Nose Tip Gazing
Rotational Viewing
Distant and Near Visioning
Downward and Upward Viewing
Blinking with closed eyes
Eye Acupressure Massage
Focusing, etc

As the name goes, all these eye-exercises are pretty simple to perform, but their effects are big and long lasting. Yoga is a health science and art that can give you immense pleasure and unites your mind, soul and body to bring harmony and peace to your life. Studies show that over 35% of the people suffer from myopia and hypermetropia in varying degrees. All these eye diseases are caused due to sedative lifestyle, hectic work schedule, weaker optical muscles, increased stress levels and chronic work and motional tension levels. All these yoga techniques help you to alleviate these eye disorders and help you to see the world with a better improved vision.

Importance of Yoga Instructor

The importance of yoga instructor cannot be ignored when it comes to yoga. Not only yoga is known to give you improved results but also better lifestyle. Care should be taken that you perform yoga under the expert guidance and supervision. As there are various muscles and bone movements involved in the process, therefore it should only be performed under experienced yoga teacher. Performing individually can reverse the effects and leave you devoid of the desired results.
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