Empowerment - 6 Keys to Its Development in Your Children

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You can give your children few greater gifts than that of empowerment.
How is this a gift? Because, like happiness, it is a quality that few people can gain by seeking it.
It is a personal attribute that only we can develop within ourselves by following certain life rules.
There are two ways your child can acquire this attribute: 1.
If a person is fortunate, if he associates with the right people, if he learns to place great emphasis and value on building a life of fulfillment for himself, if he searches for dependable principles that can add meaning to his life, and if other factors are just right for him, he might discover and develop this attribute by himself sometime later in his life.
But it's a toss of the dice.
It is you, his parent, one of your child's most influential teachers who are best qualified to teach and guide him in developing his empowerment when he is in his formative years.
You can do it in a way no one else can.
And, if you choose to accept this challenge, there are 6 keys you and he will need to know and develop within him if you are going to be successful in giving him his gift of empowerment : 1.
Effective Problem Solving
In meeting challenges throughout his life, he will either develop a belief in self, or he will develop ways of escaping and avoiding them.
If he fails to believe in himself, he will perceive himself to be helpless and ineffective against life's challenges.
You can help him gain a positive belief in himself by teaching him special skills of effective problem solving.
Belief In His Abilities To Cope With Life's Challenges
By giving him reassurance when he faces challenges, complimenting him and showing recognition for his having succeeded in his accomplishments, by giving him credit and validation for what he does, and by withholding criticism and expressions of doubts about his abilities, you will--step by step--help instill a positive belief in himself.
Value Of Caring For Others And Giving Willing Service
Selfless caring and giving willing service to others are two important factors in developing empowerment.
Without them, your child is not likely to have the same level of self-respect and strong belief in himself he will have if he does practice these values.
Learning From His Experiences
If your child is to develop inner strength and empowerment from life's experiences, he must learn from these experiences-both those that are positive and those that are negative.
He will need your parental guidance and help to learn that.
You can give him guidance by: a) encouraging him to view his experiences as opportunities to learn, b) helping him understand that he must look beyond temporary comforts and pleasures and focus more on what he can learn from his experiences, c) help him realize, after each experience, what he personal things of value he has learned, or what things he can yet learn from the experience.
Learning From Parental Examples
Your child will not only be able to develop inner strength, belief in himself, and the empowerment that comes from them, but he will more fully learn how to do it when you share with him about your experiences, your rewards, and your disappointments and what you learn from them.
Learning To Make Responsible Choices
You must help your child understand the importance of choice and free agency, and the role they play in his development.
He must understand that his success in life, and the degree of empowerment he gains, will hinge on choices he makes, whether they are responsible or irresponsible choices, and whether they are caring or selfish choices.
So, now, if you want your child to have a better chance of developing belief in self and empowerment, you have an opportunity to begin guiding him in that direction.
If you, yourself, choose to develop a better understanding of these principles, and if you then choose to develop your own ability to live by these guidelines and to guide your child in his learning, then your chances of your child growing up with a better future are far better.
And there is an added bonus: you are likely to see an increase in your own empowerment.
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