How To Develop Memory

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The value of a man depends to a large extent on his ability to recall and to use at any desired moment the recollection of what he has seen, heard, experienced or thought.
Our perceptions bring along with them a plethora of experiences.
Things that we have touched, heard, tasted and smelt.
But these things are valuable only when they are held in the memory.
They cannot be used unless they are remembered.
Every man who has attained a higher place has been blessed with a retentive and exact memory.
A good memory will give you an incalculable advantage over others.
Memory is a term used to describe the way that certain acts or thoughts tend to remain in the mind.
Memory differs from person to person.
Some people have good memory for names but cannot recall faces.
Some people can remember dates but have no power to recollect names.
Study the object you wish to remember in all its phases by keeping every other thought out of your mind.
Make that object a part of yourself and you will never forget it.
You observe a car while walking down the street.
Observe the color, model and make.
After the car has passed by, try to recall the color, model and make of the car.
If you do this on a dozen occasions, you will be surprised and delighted at the improvement in your ability both to perceive and to remember.
While doing window shopping, take one glance at the exhibits and move on.
Then ask yourself what you saw in the window.
If possible, write down each article as you remember it.
Another method of memory training is to recall the events of the day before retiring to bed.
Try to recall the events in all details, in the chronological order if possible.
Another method of polishing the power of recollection is to start reading a paragraph from an interesting book slowly and carefully.
Then close the book and loudly repeat the substance of the section you have just read.
You can use your own words while doing this.
Do this for all the paragraphs on a page.
This way, you will be able to recall and to clearly express the essence of an entire chapter without any great effort or difficulty.
Writing out at length what you have recollected instead of expressing in spoken words will not only train the memory but also the perceptions, the will and the power of expression.
Another way to develop memory is to vividly recall in all details a picture of the object desired.
To your memory retention success.
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