Tactical Frameworks For Time Management

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Have you ever heard of "Bait and Switch?" It is a sales tactic that can be used in any situation where the bait is used to lure in prospects and the switch is made after the prospect is committed to the sale.
How about "Good Cop / Bad Cop?" It is a tactic used by a pair, usually cops, to get information or cooperation.
These are named tactics that can be used in many situations.
These are not the only named tactics nor do you need names for all tactics.
The point is that these sequences of actions have been thought out, designed and prepared ahead of time so that you don't have to think about them when using them.
I have created a concept that I call "tactical frameworks" to help handle situations.
A tactical framework is a set of tactics - naming optional - that can be used to handle a specific situation.
This is similar in concept to the playbooks used by sports coaches.
A coach does not create play tactics on the spot: for one, the thinking gets in the way of the doing, and for another, it is not possible to consider all consequences of any tactic within the limited time available.
The coach considers the possible scenarios and thinks things through before putting things into play.
Similarly, a fire fighter does not react.
By analyzing possible disasters and creating possible solutions to them before they occur, a fire fighter merely responds to the situation.
A Tactical Framework is a pre-defined set of actions (tactics) for dealing with possible situations.
They are used to respond to situations rather than react.
The difference between response and reaction lies in when the thought occurs: when reacting, the thought and action are simultaneous, while thought occurs well ahead of the action for response.
This prevents the thought from getting in the way of the action.
I have seen tactical frameworks in use in many areas such as sports, financial risk management and life coaching.
The term "tactical framework" has not been applied to these but the concepts remain.
In my coaching practice, I have used tactical frameworks to streamline routine activities so that more time, effort, energy and thought can be released and made available for the activities that really matter.
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