The Purpose Of Driving Range Netting

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Golf is a gentlemans sport that that combines luxury and a high level competition. Its a slow-paced game that provide players an opportunity to mingle, compete and enjoy the outdoors all at once. Its an ideal sport for middle aged people because it doesnt require a high level of physical activity. Not like most sports that invove a high level of physical contact, in this sport you just keep to yourself and to your set of clubs. The battle happens in the brain, because the final score will depend on you alone. But despite it being a fairly gentle game, golf also has a certain amount of danger involved. The balls used in this sport travel at great speeds and the make of it is hard enough to crack open a skull. This is why driving range netting is necessary to keep the ball where it should be. There are many times when golf courses are located right beside villages or busy streets, and the use of driving range netting is imperative to keep the balls only where they should be.

Nylon is one of the main materials used for driving range netting. Its the perfect material for this purpose because its light but strong enough to absorb the impact of a speeding ball. The nets are installed along the outer border of a golf course or driving range to make sure that all stray balls are kept within the golfing area. Since the holes in a golf course are within close proximity, and are sometimes parallel to each other, the chances of having stray balls are high. This is the very reason driving range netting is imperative in situations such as this to ensure the safety of players and spectators alike.

Although most driving range netting is made up of nylon there are other golf courses and driving ranges that use other types. Some ranges use a metal screen since it is a stronger material and secures stray balls more efficiently. This may not always be a good idea because its more expensive and much harder to put up. This is why many courses and ranges utilize nylon for their driving range netting.
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