Red Robin Gluten-Free Eating Out

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It was time for my sons hockey team to have an end of the season party.
This is usually an unpleasant experience due to the fact that his teams usually will go somewhere that either does not offer a gluten free menu or has never heard of how to make dishes that are not cross contaminated.
This time, I decided to take over the task and pick a place that would be appropriate for our team to go and for our son to have a menu to choose from like everyone else.
When doing research, I had heard that Red Robin now offers a gluten free menu and I thought it might be a good time to try it.
Our friends often frequent Red Robin as a favorite in family dining because they offer a kid friendly environment and great burgers! I decided it would be a good place to go for our team get party and try it out.
Upon arrival, I was pleasantly surprised with the environment.
I had called ahead to make sure they offered a gluten free menu and to make arrangements for our large group.
The staff was organized and had an area for our team (40+ people) all set up.
They placed us in the back of the restaurant where we had an entire section to ourselves.
They had assigned two waitresses just to take care of the kids and one waitress for the adults.
I immediately asked for a menu for my son, Jac, which they promptly brought out and gave to him.
The waitress took the time to point some favorite items out to him which showed us that she had dealt with this before.
The menu was a print out of all gluten free options, pages of options.
My son was in heaven, actually getting to choose from a menu.
Ultimately, Jac chose a cheeseburger without the bun and their bottomless french fries, without the seasoning added.
They have dedicated fryers at the location we were at, but did point out the seasoning they put on the fries when they come out of the fryer is not gluten free.
Given the large amount of people in our group, the prepared food was brought out quickly.
This is always a nervous time for us because we want to make sure that Jac's food is indeed prepared as intended.
Two managers from Red Robin brought Jac's food out separately and assured both him and us that everything was prepared correctly.
His meal was even served on a different looking plate giving us more assurance that it was gluten free.
We were able to visibly see the difference in the fries between Jac's plate and the rest of the team.
Throughout our meal, the manager checked back with Jac to make sure everything tasted good and to see if he needed more fries prepared gluten free.
It was wonderful to be able to relax and enjoy the adult company without worrying constantly about cross contamination issues.
We could not have been more pleased with the entire experience at Red Robin.
Since our first dining experience there, we have gone back and every time received the same treatment.
As always, be sure you call Red Robin in advance to verify gluten free menu options at the location you will be visiting.
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