A Realistic Assessment of Your Fitness Goals

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Before you start any new program, it's important to set goals.
And to set goals, you have to ask the right questions.
Here are the questions you should be considering.
First and foremost, what are your immediate health and fitness concerns if you are overweight and out of shape? Do you need the endurance of a marathoner? The speed of a sprinter? The strength of a power lifter? Do you want gobs of muscle? Is six pack abs realistic right now? Do you need to be as flexible as a gymnast to live your life? Probably not any of these! Yet, overwhelmingly, overweight and out-of-shape people are being presented with exercise prescriptions that don't address or provide remedy for their immediate concerns.
Most of my clients (and most clients in the gym today) are not running marathons, not even playing a sport, so why do the majority of trainers focus on endurance training such as jogging, aerobics, circuit routines etc.
? A couple of reasons.
First it is all they know! Most trainers are young and have an athletic background which typically revolves around endurance training.
Run! Run! Run! Secondly the healthcare industry as a whole has incorrectly focused on calories in and calories out to promote weight loss.
This leads to the belief that the more you do, even if it is undemanding work like walking 10,000 steps, the more you lose.
The problem is the more you do you the greater the chances of you over training which leads to non compliance.
Time of course is still the number one reason or excuse for not exercising so overwhelming yourself with an unrealistic exercise schedule will only lead to giving up.
Again consider what your goals are as weight loss and athletic enhancement are distinct goals.
Don't believe you must exercise six days a week to stay fit as there is a point of diminishing returns with exercise.
In future tips, I will elaborate on why these myths persist and how to change your thinking to get the most out of your workout.
I'll also share tips on food to give you a better understanding of how to unlock the fat stores in your body and recharge your metabolism.
Regardless of the exercise program you choose to follow, be sure to identify your immediate needs before you begin.
Stick with me and I'll show you how hundreds of people just like you have made tremendous changes in their overall fitness and health with 2 Days to Fitness.
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