YogaFlair - A Fun Fashion Source on Your Weight Loss Journey

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Always on the hunt for new weight loss solutions for my audience, I sometimes discover something a little offbeat.
Of course, there is nothing offbeat about yoga - not for about 20 years now.
But this new find of mine is a refreshing source that I simply was unaware of and I want to ensure that you know about them now too.
YogaFit has been around since 1994 and they have trained over 100,000 yoga qnd fitness professionals worldwide.
Founder and President Beth Shaw began teaching yoga in the early 1990's and she quickly realized that traditional teaching methods could be perplexing to the mainstream and were not easily integrated into the common fitness club setting.
Firm in her belief that yoga could benefit and transform anyone's life, Beth developed a unique, user friendly and fitness-oriented style of yoga that revolutionized the fitness industry.
This led her to develop a yoga center within a local fitness center which grew rapidly and ultimately became North America's largest training school for yoga instructors.
YogaFlair is positioned as Eco-Friendly, Made in USA and Socially and Fashionably Conscious.
YogaFlair was inspired by the need for fitness apparel that infuses workout functionality with high-end fashion sensibility.
Conceived and developed by YogaFit, YogaFlair provides a diverse range of garments for any fitness routine.
Luxurious and casual, YogaFlair designs are unique in their ability to seamlessly transition from the yoga mat or gym to our everyday lives.
YogaFlair's fashions are made in the US - supporting our economy and avoiding the use of abusive labor.
Firmly committed to responsible business practices, YogaFlair fabrics are ecologically sustainable, crafted from materials such as organic cotton and bamboo.
A portion of all YogaFlair proceeds benefit humanitarian and animal rescue causes.
YogaFlair is conscious clothing in just about every way - not only are they out to integrate fashion and function but they are also intent on improving the lives of people, animals and the planet.
With a couture inspired aesthetic, YogaFlair's garments go beyond ordinary workout clothes, offering a versatility that is hard to find.
They offer garments for all settings including: pants, shorts, camisoles, sports bras, sweaters and jackets.
As Founder Beth Shaw puts it: "If you can breathe, you can do yoga.
" And now thanks to her fashion offering, not only will your friends be jealous of your calm and inner peace, they'll also covet your cool handbag and workout gear that is so hip you can wear it out for a drink or two.
You may have seen Beth on TV or in Magazines as just some of her celebrity includes spots on programs or print including Oprah's O Magazine, Time, Entrepreneur, CNN, USA Today, Prevention, More, Glamour, Self, Yoga Journal, E Style Network, Showtime's Penn & Teller and many others.
She is also the founder of the nonprofit organization Visionary Women in Fitness, providing grants and scholarships to women in need.
With a clear vision and a desire to improve the lives of all people, YogaFit continues to expand and grow.
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