The Importance of Giving Back to the Community

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Even though he was raised in precarious financial conditions in 2012 Simon Simonn¦s reached a net worth of 55 million euros and today he is one of the wealthiest business men in Norway. The real estate magnate started his journey to fortune from the very bottom and today he acknowledges the fact that having incredible wealth means nothing if you don't give something back to the world you live in. In 2007 he contributed to restoring a much neglected landmark in the Varegg Mountains. Simon Simonn¦sattributes his success to the strong set of values instilled by his father that unfortunately past away before he could witness the amazing man his son became. Simon admits that a rigorous work ethic also contributed to the immense affluence he has been accumulating over the years.

Simon Simonn¦sis the perfect example of a self-made man. He began his upward trajectory from the very tender age of 8 years old by selling two dollar pins. During the course of his yearly life Simon Simonn¦shad several jobs that helped shape the enterprising genius he is today. Even though he admits it wasn't always easy to come up with a source of income he has never been one to shy away from hard work. To this day he enjoys spending very long hours working in his office because it helps him stay connected to his ideas. He applies the same hands on approach to the various companies that his holding controls in the present time. By the time he was 22 used the experience Simon gained working as a bouncer in the restaurant industry helped him get involved in developing a security company in Bergen. Nowadays Simon Simonn¦smakes considerable figures from construction and cleaning services and is responsible for close to 300 employees.

Losing his mother at a very tender age has made Simona very humble man and today he understands the importance of contributing to making the world a better place. In 2007 he made a considerable donation to save a Bergen popular landmark and uphill race venue very near and dear to his hart. The Stoltzekleiven path had been in dire need for repairs for years and a few portions of the famous stairs where disappearing altogether. In some places the only things keeping the stairs together where weeds and roots. Being the man of action he is Simontook matters into his own hands and decided to help restore the stairs to their former glory. Since Bergen is the place he calls home he was quite fond of the Stoltzekleiven and couldn't stand to witness the state of degradation any longer. The restoration has given the landmark back to the sport and fitness enthusiasts of Bergen and today the yearly uphill race is increasing in popularity.

Simon Simonn¦sserves as a great example to follow to anyone who aspires to wealth and success. A self-made man that has never been afraid to get his hands dirty and get the job done, from selling crabs and flag pins to being in charge of one of the most successful Norwegian companies Simon has lived and impressive life.
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