The Spiritual Essence of Pond Scum

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I have always liked experimenting with concepts and one of the concepts I experimented with was the sending of divine love and light to the spirit of God within a person.
I wanted to see if I could change a person's attitude and make him into a more loving being after a lifetime of abusing others.
I discovered that while it is not an easy task, it is more than possible to accomplish.
It just takes perseverance and a desire to raise the vibration of someone for the higher good of that person.
During those early years, when everything was fresh and new, and all the years afterward, I have sent divine love and light to the spirit of God within many people.
In the beginning, when I ran up against someone who was being exceptionally difficult, I would force myself to remember that while his personality may be that of pond scum, his spirit was that of God, and I would continue to send divine love and light to the God within him.
In the beginning, this was a very difficult concept for me to embrace because I didn't want to be a hypocrite.
I kept imagining that the personality and the spirit within were one and the same.
Since I was looking at this concept with my emotions rather than my head, it didn't make sense to me that someone who was being obnoxious could also contain the essence of God within himself.
In my mind, someone who was capable of deliberately causing others deep pain couldn't possibly have a spiritual essence.
I had to prove to myself that this separation of personality and spirit was very real and that if I overlooked the personality, I could actually feel the power of God's love pouring through me as I was sending it to someone else.
That feeling was so awesome that I started using that theory in the classes I was teaching.
I gave my students a homework assignment.
They were to pick one person with whom they felt an animosity and every day, for the remainder of our classes, they were to send divine love and light to that person.
Then they had to report back to us and tell us the results.
While the homework assignment was highly successful with my students, it was not quite so successful with one of my clients.
She told me that for years after hearing me talk about the divine spark, she would visualize this tiny spark, this little candle, being in the center of someone she didn't like, and she would send the prayer to that little spark.
However, when she finally realized that this spark was larger than life, she said to me, "Now that I know we're not talking about a teensy little spark, I don't know if I can keep sending divine love and light to people I don't like.
" My objective in those classes was to expose my students to different theories, not to convince them that any of these theories was absolute.
I'm a firm believer that the only way we can fully believe something is if we experience it for ourselves.
I don't know if my client ever did have the experience but at least she had a theory that might rumble around in her head until life presented her with an opportunity to try it.
If she didn't, then she will have to live with having people in her life whose vibrations are unpleasant.
If she did have the experience then she has discovered one of the many keys to happiness.
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