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I would like to take a moment and address a question many of you have been asking: How does one control their thoughts?

Controlling your thoughts is not that difficult once you know how. There are probably other effective ways out there, but I would like to share with you how I learned to master my thoughts.

The following is a technique that became my foundation to maintaining true happiness. It can be especially helpful to those who are hurting due to a failed relationship.

Whenever an unwanted thought pops up in your mind, simply say, Stop! Immediately focus on something else--the dog, the cat, the television, or whatever. Get up and go outside--just do something.

After you state your command, grab a piece of paper and write the number "1." The next time an unwanted thought comes (which is usually within a few seconds for a while), state your stop command and then write down the number "2," and so on and so forth.

When I first began doing this exercise, I bet I had written down at least 200 stops during the day. It will not be easy at first, but if you truly want to control your thoughts then you must put in the effort. Within a week, if you will stick to it, I promise you will become really good at it. Yes, it is work, but you will find yourself slowly beginning to master your thoughts as the days go by.

This exercise may sound silly, but it is only as silly as you think it is. It works because you cannot possibly feel unwanted emotions if you are not thinking unwanted or unpleasant thoughts. It is so simple, but many people refuse to try it because it requires some effort at first.

Sure, your husband or wife may have just unloaded the fact that he or she has been having an affair, and everything within you shattering; however, the pain will only last as long as you allow it. In our example of infidelity, always remember this--it happened, and it makes you feel terrible. No amount of thinking about it will make it go away. You and I both know that, with time, it will become only a distant memory. So, why not just skip all the heartache and leap forward to a time when you no longer think about it?

We sit around thinking about such things because we believe that we can somehow reverse what has happened. It is as if we actually want to feel the hurt. Imagine what it would be like to never feel emotional pain ever again. Not only is it possible, many have already taken control of their thoughts and are living a pain-free existence.

One attribute that you find in ridicuously successful people is that they can control what to focus on. It is that simple. You can either focus on the pain which could last for eight months, or can simply choose to acknowledge it, and then refuse to think about it ever again.

Where your energy goes--your life flows!

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