2012: What I Know For Sure

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2012 has changed my perspective on spirituality.
It has also sharpened my understanding on certain beliefs I have.
I don't think any of us were prepared for the changes we have gone through, and the level of growth we have achieved spiritually.
All is good though because this is what I know for sure after a grueling 10 months: Unconditional Love is All There Is This incredible, amazing love, for which we do not have adequate words to describe in our language, is the lifeblood of the higher dimensions.
It is also the essence of who we are at soul level.
It is this essence that we strive to remember here in our journey in duality.
If we live our lives with unconditional love, we cease to judge one other and we are able to accept each other without condition.
Unconditional love heals everything.
It is unconditional love energy that is being beamed down to our planet that is lifting our consciousness in preparation for our Ascension on 21st December 2012.
We are Indescribably Loved This year I have felt the indescribable love our Creator and all beings in the higher dimensions have for us.
We cannot easily grasp this kind of love and level of commitment in this dimension because we are so used to human love with all of its conditions, but once we do grasp it, it will change us forever.
We will begin to see ourselves as a part of the One, the Source of All That Is.
And we will know without any doubt that we are not alone, nor will we ever be.
This incredible love and support will get us through to the finishing line.
Ascension is a Gift We are being given the opportunity to ascend into a higher dimension of consciousness, along with our beloved planet.
And we get to experience this Ascension in our bodies! Our beautiful Lightbodies are forming right now in preparation for this important event.
Isn't this the most gracious gift ever? We get to go home and see our Light families and we never have to experience duality ever again.
We get to experience our beloved planet Gaia fully restored in all her magnificence and glory.
We get to experience a world where there is no suffering, no lack, no starvation, no wars and no fighting.
We get to experience heaven on Earth.
In my book, this is the most precious gift we could have received from our Creator.
Doubt is our Biggest Enemy Doubt is the doorway to fear and when you doubt you let fear in through the door.
In these end times, our intuition is our biggest ally and when we doubt our intuition, we literally give away some of our power.
There are many still that do not know what to expect with the Shift, and some even doubt it will happen.
Some think it has happened already and nothing changed.
We are being asked to trust the process, not to doubt it.
It is a natural reaction to have fear of the unknown, this is why it's important to trust.
By having trust we let go and let God.
If the next two months are anything like the last ten, we sure have much to look forward to.
Radiate the love that is in your heart and let your light shine.
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