The Advantages of Jump Roping

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    • People of all fitness levels can learn how to jump rope, but you'll need to invest some time to learn how to do it if you have no experience. If you are someone who has had injuries, jump rope on a softer surface instead of of concrete. Take your time, and work your way up to jump roping for an extended period of time.


    • An advantage of jump roping is that it's an efficient workout. It develops muscle in both the lower and upper body and in major muscle groups, and it can burn from 800 to 1,000 calories an hour. Jump roping builds aerobic endurance in a short amount of time. In small bursts of time throughout the day, you can blast calories without changing your schedule.


    • One of the best advantages of jump roping is how portable it is. It is perfect for someone who travels a lot for work or pleasure. All you need are the jump rope, some space and a high enough ceiling. Jump ropes are light enough and small enough to tuck into a purse or briefcase.


    • One way to stick with an exercise routine is to find an exercise that is fun and that you enjoy. For many people, jump roping can be fun, conjuring up memories of childhood. To really make it fun, try doing tricks such as jumping rope backwards. If you are a parent, jump rope along with your kids to make it a family affair.

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