Positive Affirmations and Creative Visualization - Six Tips for Using Them Successfully

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Many people ask me whether or not positive affirmations and creative visualization can really make their lives better.
The answer is yes.
I have personally experienced many of the benefits that affirmations and visualization can bring.
Affirmations and visualization are powerful techniques that activate the Universal Law of Attraction.
They have the ability to draw the things that you really want into your life.
However, saying affirmations when you feel like it, or visualizing your desired good whenever you get around to it, probably won't do much to make your life better.
The following tips can help you achieve success.
  1. Although creative visualization and daily affirmations can work immediately, it doesn't usually happen that way.
    It often takes time for you to train your mind to believe that what you are affirming and mentally visualizing will happen.
    Don't give up.
    Keep working with them until you get results.
  2. They must be used in the present tense.
    You are training your mind to believe what you are saying.
    So you wouldn't use an affirmation such as, "I am going to begin to live a healthy lifestyle.
    " Instead you would affirm something such as, "I now exercise daily and eat healthy foods and I enjoy it immensely.
  3. Create a vivid picture of what your ultimate goal is.
    To use the example of living a healthy lifestyle, you could create a mental movie of you exercising and having fun while you are doing it.
    You can also see yourself passing up that chocolate cake and eating some delicious fruit instead.
    Put a great deal of positive emotion into your mental picture.
  4. Pay attention to your negative self talk.
    If you spend five minutes each day saying positive affirmations, but then spend the rest of the time saying negative things, you will be undoing the good work you have done.
    When you become aware of negative things that you are saying to yourself, change them to something positive instead.
  5. Practice, practice, practice.
    Say your positive affirmations throughout the day.
    Play your mental movie every day, or several times each day.
    Your goal is to get your mind to believe that what you are saying and visualizing is true.
    Then Law of Attraction can bring it to you.
  6. A very important point to remember is that you must be unattached to the results.
    This is probably the most difficult part for many people to do, but it is critical if you want to be successful.
    Be willing to accept what you are visualizing, something that is equally as good, or something even better.
Work with these ideas.
Use them on a regular basis.
You can use affirmations and creative visualization for different areas of your life.
However, it is probably easier to focus on one area until you get results that you want.
Then you can move on to another area of your life.
Here is additional information about how to use a daily affirmation to get positive results.
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