Wealth - Is Your Mind a Palace or a Junkyard?

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When we hear the word we immediately think of money.
That is only natural but there are also other definitions.
I'm sure you've heard phrases such as "a wealth of information" or a "wealth of ideas.
" Wealth is used to refer to abundance - something that is plentiful.
Hence if a person has a lot of money it is said that he or she is wealthy.
I'd like to expand on the concept of wealth.
I have just finished reading a Thomas Harris novel called "Hannibal Rising" (an excellent story, by the way).
In it he uses the term "memory palace.
" I thought about that for quite some time then coined my own term - "mind palace.
" Indeed our minds can be a palace - a receptacle of infinite riches, abundance and wealth.
Or our minds can be a junkyard - a gravesite of poverty, lack and debt.
I became inspired with this "mind palace" idea and have just finished a 5,042 word essay that I called "Wealthy Minds" which I am making available to the members of my websites.
To give you a very brief and simplified overview: Everything we do, all that we are and everything that we have evolves from our thinking.
If you fill your mind with knowledge and information you will create ideas that you can indeed turn into wealth.
Why then, do so many people fill their minds - their most marvelous resource and possession - with so much rubbish and trash? They treat it like a refuse bin.
They refuse to seek information and knowledge, they won't read books or study anything and they think that seminars are a waste of time.
I IMPLORE you to think of your mind like a palace.
Don't fill it with useless junk.
The world is full of doomsayers, naysayers, unbelievers, cynics and negative thinkers.
Decide today.
Do you want your mind to be a palace full of wondrous treasure or a junkyard full of trash? Only you can make such a decision.
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