Beware the Hijackers of Your Transformation

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Once you decide to take direct action with respect to personal transformation the act inevitably stirs up dark elements that are loathe that you're not "staying in your place.
" These dark elements aggressively attack you psychologically in several insidious ways to make your journey so arduous and uncomfortable that you simply give up or settle for something much less deserving of your desires.
One powerful dark element is guilt which has numerous mutations.
These include accusations that you're greedy, self-centered, self-absorbed, abandonment, betrayal of your friends and family because you must stay in the herd for your own protection.
Another powerful dark element are the devious family members, false friends and other parasites who emerge from the dark recesses who supposedly want to help you on your journey but have every intention of hijacking your dreams for their own purposes.
Their objective is to get through your security perimeter and then hijack your flight to their destination instead.
Initially they may incessantly request reasons and justifications for your actions.
And with every forward step you take, these requests become tragically comical bitter criticisms.
If they can't discourage you, they'll join you.
While en route they try convincing you that their path is superior to yours when in fact they're using your energy and resources to achieve their own aims.
Even polite resistance to their recommendations become overly aggressive commands and even threats.
By this time you discover that it's already too late and they've stormed the cockpit, took over the controls and hijacked your dreams.
Either they'll fly to their destination or they'll deliberately destroy your dreams by crashing the aircraft.
Never underestimate their ruthlessness because their primary objective is that you never achieve your dreams.
These so-called psychologically hijackers can be anyone.
The closer the relationship the more dangerous the threat because it's easier for them to breach your psychological security perimeter.
To succeed in this journey you must go solo like Lindbergh who squished himself into the Spirit of St Louis for the long and lonely trip over the dark, stormy waters of the Atlantic.
Such a journey has no in-flight entertainment, glossy magazines, or duty-free items for sale.
This is the Spirit of You, your personal Dreamliner.
For this reason this is why few people successfully achieve their dreams.
Unlike Lindbergh don't expect a hero's greeting upon your arrival.
Those that you left behind will resent your success and write themselves out of your script.
But fear not.
You'll bridge the gap by making new contacts and new friends.
The personal transformation process is never easy but the rewards are worth it.
And for each subsequent dream you'll have, the trip doesn't get easier, however you are more experienced and better prepared to face the challenges ahead.
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