Pre-School Games Using the Camo Netting

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Last Summer I worked as a Pre-School Teacher, which made me realize that little kids are so funny and definitely crazy. Our class contained 10 little students; 7 boys and 4 girls, where boys played war and girls on the other side of the room played with the Barbie dolls and puzzles. My goal was to make all the kids to play together, so I decided that we all are going to play the war game.

As I announced to the whole class about my idea of playing war, the boys could not wait and the girls looked at me like I was joking. Soon I explained to them that we will prepare all necessary equipments by ourselves and I promised everybody a fun day on the field.

I brought a lot of heavy paper pieces, crayons, scissors, strings, colorful buttons, toilet paper and camouflage nettings.  My boys created their own little guns as I cut the paper in a shape of a pistol, they colored it and with a scotch tape they attached it to their little hands.  They loved the idea of cutting the camo nettings into little pieces, wrapping it all over their clothes including shoes and faces. My little ladies decided to act as the military nurses; the colorful buttons we used as vitamins and toilet paper as bandages. 

While on the field, we build together a little hospital for the girls, using the camo netting and we also made a little home base for the soldiers - again, using the very helpful camo netting. The effect was just wonderful;  the funniest thing was that the home base was so nicely done that some of the little warriors could not find it while running around, because the colors of the camo blended in so well with the natural colors of trees and bushes.

The girls took their nursing jobs extremely serious, so whenever some fighter fell on the grass after running around, they would grab their little baskets full of "vitamins" and "bandages" trying to cure the little man- just looking at them made my heart melt.

We all had an amazing time while playing the war game – both boys and girls.  The game is fun, time consuming, involves imagination and creativity. It was definitely a good idea.

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