Charlie"s Soap Great for Doing Baby Laundry

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I have not always been a huge advocate of doing baby laundry separately. While it would be an ideal situation, for busy parents, it's not always realistic. But standard fare laundry detergents can be highly scented and they also leave behind a residue that can cause a rash even the first time it comes in contact with the sensitive skin of a baby.

If you're already using an unscented detergent, it's an excellent step in the right direction.

However, even some of the unscented brands don't completely rinse out.

Charlie's Soap on the other hand is both unscented and residue-free. Made from all-natural washing soda and coconut oil, it just leaves your clothes smelling clean. No flowers, no scent.

I was introduced to Charlie's when I began cloth diapering because detergent build-up makes the cloth smell bad. But it was so remarkable at getting stains out, I was soon using it for everything. While $11 seems a little steep for a small bottle, you only need two tiny cap-fulls to do a load. As a result it lasts forever.

And as a small disclaimer here, while I and many other parents have not personally had any problems with Charlie's Soap, there is a debate going on over at Diaper Jungle regarding Charlie's Soap and problems reportedly attributed to Charlie's Soap, so I suggest that you read through those before making a decision one way or the other.

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