The Evolution Of The Vending Machine

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The first vending machines date back further than many people even realize. The first coin operated vending machines were around in the 1800s and dispensed post cards and, still vended today, gum. See? Some traditions don't ever change. But there really has been a huge evolution with vending machines, not just in the technology but what they sell.

For a long time, we were used to vending machines that took your change and would release snacks by opening coils that held them in place. These kind of machines are still everywhere, but we are starting to see a change. First it started with drink vending machines starting to change. Remember when soda used to just fall to the bottom of a vending machine? And now when you buy a 20 oz, it often comes out perfectly right side up through a slot that makes sure it happens that way. It keeps soda from getting shaken up in the dispensing and it just makes for a very cool vending experience.

We also have new ways of making payments through our vending machines. Credit cards can now be used and in some cases, without even swiping. It can be as quick as tapping the card to certain spot that will then read the strip and let you make your purchase instantly.

And vending machines sell so much more now than they used to. You can approach vending machines that sell headphones, in case you lose or break your pair. You can even buy an iPod to match through the same machine. Or how about renting a movie? With new brands coming up that let you rent and return movies from well placed vending machines, it's very cool how our choices of entertainment are now as easily at our fingertips as snacks and soda are.

Old machines still exist around the country, if you know where to look for them. A lot of old diners may have an old cigarette vending machine or one where you can get a piece of gum, though don't expect them to have that same old price! And a lot of people enjoy collecting old machines as vintage, either displaying them or reselling them for an even higher value in the future.

Vending machines have changed a lot in the past few years and if you ask some of your more older relatives about them, they could tell you exactly what theirs were like and how much they paid for items. But in the end, they all do something great: give us what we want instantly.
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