I am that flame that can never get extinguished

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The above were the initial lines published on the 1st page in the 1940's i.e. about 50 years back in the Akhand Jyoti Magazine. The one who published these lines on the front page who himself drinking the Halahal venom rejuvenated the dead by making them drink Sanjivani nectar. This was none other than Yuga Purusha Sriram Sharma Acharya who after fulfilling tasks pertaining to the gross body by merging his consciousness in Goddess Gayatri on Gayatri Jayanti day (2nd June 1990) put a veil on his visible life.

That person who via his multifaceted writings, speech full of high stature thinking, duties imbued with life force via Rishis and shower of affection on all for more than half a century ruled the hearts of innumerable people which was but an image of ‘Rasovaisaha'. The fact that such a one while shedding his mortal coil would so swiftly merge his own consciousness into cosmic consciousness or God induces many not to believe that he is now no more amidst us all. Can ever a chief envoy of Lord Mahakal who is full of Super Prana Energy be stopped from doing so by a humanly embodied person? He in order to harbinger world well being journey to our planet at specially appointed hours and in this ceaseless travel by rendering innumerable persons his aides and making them labor in an extraordinary fashion march ahead to usher in Satyuga or the Golden Era.

The connotation of the term Avatar is incarnation of Super Divine Consciousness. It is definitely audacity on our part to write about the personality of that person born 80 years back in the form of Nishkalank or Taintless Avatar with the Sankalpa of a super divine consciousness to reinstate a great sacred intellect in those who today with their tainted intellectual thinking are inviting nothing but a back breaking downfall. Possibly along with this multifaceted cosmic great saint full of Prana energy it will not be able to do full justice but lest that very power gave this power, means and inspiration and also commanded him to write then even a miniscule effort can definitely be made. If this divine light elicits zest in innumerable people living lives oozing with spirituality and Brahmavarchas or divine aura, inspire them to lead lives befitting divine men for world welfare, then this flower of faithful respect placed at his hallowed feet would reap at least that wee bit of success.

By itself many people lead lives in this world in their own way but fame and glory remains eternal only for those who sacrifice their lives each passing moment to uplift the downtrodden, raise those who have fallen and ward off pain of those in grief. Such people renounce their all and via the Yajnas of body, life and social service towards the world do so much, which can never be forgotten by us all. It is easy to raise oneself high, attain salvation by increasing soul power yet it is well nigh difficult to open the gates of salvation for world humanity. Such people oozing with selflessness never bother about Samadhi/trance, heaven or Moksha/salvation. They like Lord Buddha always proclaim that as long as even one person remains in bondage in this world I will not aspire for salvation. It is such divine people who are called prophets, messengers of God and Avatars. Very rarely after centuries pass by do they take birth once and do not just glorify themselves but do so that entire era. These great saints imbibing the tenet of ‘Atmavat sarvabhuteshu' on the face of it appear like ordinary laymen but yet every moment of their life is devoted to uplifting of world humanity. Hence they by using aptly each moment by going beyond the clutches of time/death and by becoming Lord Mahakal get credit for Era Neo Creation added to which they glorify those who help in their mission. Such was our revered Gurudeva-a Mahaprajna Yugapurusha.

If we study world history related to the time period between the last five decades of the 19th century and the first few decades of commencement of the 20th century we find that it was during this time span that majority of those personages were born who set in widespread changes the world over. Examples of such great seers and visionaries are world renowned Mahatma Gandhi, Vladimir Lenin of communism fame, Swami Ramkrishna Paramhans, Yogiraj Aurobindo, Swami Vivekananda, Sister Nivedita, the outstanding brainy wizard and scientist Einstein, Saint Vinoba, the founder of a large organization Hedgevare, Sir Winston Churchill who fought fear based situations of world war 2, Ravindranath Tagore who ushered in world peace, Sharatchandra Chatterjee, Alexander Fleming who created a revolution in medical healing, the iron man Sardar Vallabbhai Patel, Pandit Nehru, the famous scientist pair of India Jagdishchandra Bose and Sir CV Raman, Hutatma Chandrashekhar Azad and Bhagat Singh, the great patriot Subhashchandra Bose, philosopher Kant and Max Muller and the harbinger of a revolution in the field of air travel Wright brothers. The list we have given is very small that points out to that program of action of Lord Mahakal wherein innumerable people full of divine aura in unison in one century incarnate in various regions of the globe. It is hence we discussed this topic.

The birth of our revered Gurudeva Pandit Shriram Sharma too was in the time period mentioned above who despite facing very many obstacles helped flow the 3 fold confluence of writings, speech and showering divine love on all. Thus by sending all dirt and all vile activities in the great ocean organized into a gigantic group of divine men. This group formed the internationally renowned Gayatri Family that later gave birth to Yug Nirman Yojana. This was an important establishment because he was the head of this gigantic family, its founder and one who gave divine protection to it. Innumerable people by placing their faith at his hallowed feet in the form of giving their time, wisdom, earnings, talents etc to his mission became not only his aides but a part of his very own soul. At the end of completion of 2.4 million Mahapurashcharans in 24 years that sacred boon given to him by Goddess Gayatri was self surrender and love of thousands of people at his holy feet.

When this gigantic organization merged into the Bhagirath of sacred merits, it took the form of an infinite ocean of divine cosmic consciousness or God. Organizations can be political in nature or have a social, caste and oppressor basis too. But how can protection of religion and its establishment take place via awakening of congregational power? This answer was duly given to us by revered Gurudeva Shriram Sharma who placed a condition before those people who desired to join this central flow right up to Gomukh-Gangotri and that was self control, live a simple life and in order to augment tasks of world welfare a certain portion of their hard earned money and time must be used for this great mission on a regular footing. Those who joined his flow of thinking definitely got transformed for the better. Gurudeva himself very subtly guided their consciousness. Gurudeva too in return gave them a taste of divine spiritual experiences.

It was only a great saint oozing with a divine miraculous personality who could remember the names of every member of Gayatri Family, know their family details and when he met them personally he would remember all this and have discussions with them accordingly. Thus every member of Gurudeva's mission was showered with his divine affection. His divine aura and joyous smiling face would perforce lure everyone to him and they all became a part of his very soul. Possibly this was the reason that this Yugapurusha who led a multifaceted life in his left behind a heritage in the form of a necklace whose pears were those devotees had surrendered their all for his divine mission. Verily this necklace can only adorn the throat of Lord Mahakal. He who cannot be compared to the value of even trillions of dollars, who is akin to an invaluable trust has promised us all that via HH Mataji we will get the same divine love and affection that he showered on us while he was alive in his mortal coil.

If every moment of the 80 years of life of revered Gurudeva is analyzed a huge mountain of literature can be penned. Writings and paper cannot bind his personality and activities with its boundaries because the biography of such a Yuga Purusha oozing with a multifaceted personality who can be looked upon only as a Nishkalank or Taintless Prajna Avatar cannot be written by any lay person. In this book we have tried to give a glimpse of revered Gurudeva's life to those who joined his mission while he was alive, who knew him via his thoughts and mental reflection or to those in whom seeds of apt psychic imprints are present and hence is possible for them in future to join his gigantic mission of neo creation.
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