Be Grateful For The Magnificent Golf Courses You Are Privileged To Play

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Personally I think gratitude is one of the greatest assets we can call on to change our moods. This is a powerful tool to get you out of negative moods like being sad, frustrated, overwhelmed, etc. There are several ways a person can change their moods like changing their posture, their self-talk, etc. Today we are going to talk about changing your focus. Instead of focusing on what is wrong with your life focus on the things you are grateful for.

I like to start out my days with a few minutes of gratitude for the people in my
life. I first think about how fortunate I am to be married to my wife Cherry. I
think about the joy she has brought into my life for the past ten years. The
times we laugh about everyday things that happen around the house and how
wonderful it is to see her smile every day.

I then move to my four kids and think about my eldest Chaz and I am amazed at how much he looks like me and what a great young man he has turned out to be. Then I move on to my second eldest son Christian and laugh at the joy he brings to the family with his innocence and childish ways. I then think about my youngest son Coley who everyone loves the minute they meet him because they feel his abundant love for everyone whom he meets. Then I get to my Princess, Azha (Asia) who lights up the room with her smile and holds my heart in the palm of her hand.

After I express my gratitude for my loved ones and friends then I start to think about all of the other things I am grateful for like, our home, our business (, our team, my education, my career that allows me to visit thousands of golf facilities, our lifestyle, the people whom I am able to learn from, teachers and mentors. I think about how I am so grateful for internet that allows me to learn at an accelerated pace and also allows me to share with others the knowledge and ideas I feel can bring value to their golf careers and their golf facility.

When you are feeling grateful your whole body will be rejuvenated and come alive. Start your days being thankful for all you have even it is just your health,
your brain, your feet, your arms, your eyes, etc. You have all of the tools
youll ever need to obtain your goals; so be grateful for what you have today
and your new attitude will catapult you into success.

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