Some Microwave Oven Cooking Safety Suggestions

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Microwave cooking can be safe and convenient, providing you with a delicious hot meal with the minimum amount of time and fuss.
By following a few simple microwave oven cooking safety suggestions you can save yourself from the danger of burns, scalds and exploding food in your microwave.
In this article we will look at how to cook using covered containers, how to open covered containers safely, how to avoid exploding food items and what food containers to avoid using in your microwave.
The following discussion should help improve your microwave cooking safety awareness and increase your confidence in using this convenient device.
You should always cook in your microwave using covered containers.
Covered containers prevent food from splattering over the interior surface of your microwave oven, make sure there is a way for steam to escape from a covered container.
If you use cling film to cover your food then you should poke vent holes in it with a knife to let the hot steam escape safely.
When uncovering food cooked in a microwave you should do so safely.
Always open the lid or cling film starting from the side away from your face.
Keep your hands and face out of the way of steam and hot liquids to prevent yourself from getting a painful burn.
You can avoid exploding food in your microwave by pricking it with a fork first.
This should be done to dense food items or ones with skins such as; potatoes, tomatoes, egg yolks and sausages, to name just a few.
To avoid explosions in your microwave only use containers which are labelled as being microwave safe.
Many ceramic containers are OK to use but avoid any with metal bits.
Avoid placing any sort of foil or metal into your microwave under any circumstances.
Microwave cooking can be a great time saver and very safe providing you follow the suggestions previously given.
To sum up, use vented covered containers to prevent food splattering, uncover hot food safely and some food items should be pricked first to prevent them exploding while cooking.
Never put metallic items in the microwave.
I hope this information has helped you to improve your microwave cooking safety awareness and increased your confidence level in this useful and convenient kitchen appliance.
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