Burn the Fat Feed the Muscles - Does it Work?

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Burn The Fat Feed The Muscles has been put together by professional body builder and nutritionist Tom Venuto.
It's a 340 page book, also available for download as an eBook and it has been a best seller since 2003 and remains a best seller until this very day.
The plan is described as "the most powerful fat burning system ever created", transforming your body in 49 days flat forever.
Compared to other diets on the market today, Burn The Fat Feed The Muscles educates you on healthy eating, teaching you which foods you should be eating to speed up your metabolism and which foods simply turn you into mushy fat.
It helps you identify your body type so you can eat the foods most suited to you,rather than just giving you a set menu made up of foods you have never heard of before.
Although the author says his product transforms your body in 49 days flat, this doesn't mean you simply follow it for 49 days then go back to your old eating habits.
The powerful fat burning system is actually a life long plan, changing the way you eat and exercise for the long term.
Think about it, what's the point of going back to your old ways afterwards, you'll just put the weight back on, if not more.
The aim here is to get lean and stay lean forever.
The author makes it very clear throughout the guide that by merely changing the way you eat isn't enough to get the results you desire.
You also need to increase your physical activity, hence the title "Burn The Fat Feed The Muscles".
Again the amount of exercise and level of intensity, all depends on your body type as well as your metabolic rate.
The main activities outlined in the guide are aerobic exercise and weight training.
By aerobic the author is referring to any cardio workout.
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