Life Without Limits

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I want to share with you today a story of an absolutely amazing person.
This person is only in his early twenties but he has already touched the lives of thousands if not millions of people in ways that, unless you were born with his unique talents, you will never be able to do no matter how hard you try.
He is a preacher who has never held a bible.
A real estate investor who has never once walked into a property he has bought.
A writer who has never put pen to paper and a motivational speaker who has never stood before a crowd.
Yet this person I'm about to introduce you to is a success in each and every one of those fields of endeavor.
His name is Nick Vujicic and he will never hold a bible, walk or stand or write with a pen because he was born with no arms or legs.
Yet despite that fact, Nick refers to himself as a "miracle of God" and starts his talks by stating that "by the end of this service, you are going to be jealous of my life".
Nicks mantra is "from life without limbs to life without limits".
When I first saw this guy sitting on a table telling a group of teenagers that if you fall down, all you got to do is get up, I was amazed and taken aback by what I was witnessing.
He would say, "How many times am I going to get up if I fall down? The answer is, every time".
And with that, Nick would purposely fall forward flat on this face and then, without arms or legs, get back up into the up right position.
In addition to all the other amazing things he can do, things that you and I do routinely every day of our lives, Nick is also an avid swimmer.
He has it set in his mind that there is nothing he can't do and everyday he lives his life that way.
Now, Nick absolutely could decide that the disabilities he was born with are just too much for one person to overcome and he could just sit back and fade away into obscurity.
In fact, there would be nobody who would think any less of him for doing so, but early on, Nick made up his mind that what most would call a disability is really an unfair advantage.
If you asked him, he would say that he would not want it any other way.
Ok, how does that translate into you experiencing success in your own life? Well I'm glad you asked.
If a guy with no arms or legs can learn to swim, I'll bet you can learn to overcome whatever it is that is holding you back in your quest to fulfill all of your dreams and desires.
Truth is, most of the things that hold us back from achieving success, most of the things we call disabilities in our own life are only perceived.
I know that perception is reality so if you think that you are disadvantaged, you will be.
So we need to have a paradigm shift in our thinking.
Too young to succeed, well I recently had a story related to me from a friend who knows a kid who is 14 who is making thousands of dollars a month marketing online.
Too old to start your own business? Colonial Sanders, founder of KFC was 65 when he got started.
No education or money? Bill Gates was a college dropout who has turned a few thousand dollar investment into billions.
Sure, depending on your situation, you may have too work a little harder then the next guy to succeed, but if you want something bad enough, it is a very small price too pay.
Besides, if it were easy, it would hardly be worth the effort.
So what's your excuse? Your not too young or too old or too poor or too dumb and if you don't have any arms or legs, well that isn't gonna fly either.
Truth is, the only thing that is holding you back is you.
I know, because I've got my own demons to fight with and overcome daily.
But you know what; my desire for success is so strong that I actually look forward to having the opportunity to overcome road blocks to my success.
If you need help motivating yourself, check out the story of a successful author, investor, evangelist and part time swimmer.
Thank you Nick! Yours in Success, Dennis
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