How to Back Comb Hair Into Dreads

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    • 1). Shampoo your hair and allow it to completely dry. Wash out any product residue and don’t condition the hair after shampooing.

    • 2). Section your hair into four separate areas and use clips to separate them.

    • 3). Start with a top front section of hair and pull out a length of hair to the approximate width you wish your dreadlocks to be — 1 to 2 inches is best.

    • 4). Wrap the hair with a small rubber band as close as you can get it to the root of the hair.

    • 5). Backcomb the hair, starting about a 1/2 inch from the root, pulling the hair toward the scalp. Comb the hair back repeatedly until it begins to pack at the roots.

    • 6). Twist the hair between your fingers as you backcomb it to the roots. Keep progressing out until the entire piece of hair is knotted and twisted to the ends. Secure the end with another small rubber band.

    • 7). Continue the backcombing and twisting process with sections of hair until you have created dreadlocks in all your hair.

    • 8). Wax each dreadlock with petroleum-free dread wax.

    • 9). Rub the roots of each dreadlock in a clockwise motion against the scalp on a regular basis to force new growth of hair into the dreadlock.

    • 10

      Remove rubber bands when the dreadlocks have matured, usually within three to four months.

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