Get a Mentor - 3 Reasons Why You Need One

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It is easy to believe we can achieve high levels of success alone.
However that is not true.
The higher you go the more likely that you will need help to hit your goals.
A mentor is a person who can assist you in achieving your goals.
Here are three reasons why you should have a mentor.
There's not one of who can truthfully claim that we know everything.
And it takes a long time to gather the knowledge that is needed to succeed if we simply learn as we go.
Over our lifetime we can many experience that will make us wiser.
But it's not enough.
In order to succeed faster and more consistently we need to gain knowledge elsewhere.
We need to have someone who has more experience than we do.
Then need them to show us how to duplicate the feats that they are achieving.
Once we obtain their tutelage we gain more power.
We increase our chances of accomplishing our aspirations.
A mentor can help us eliminate many painful missteps.
When we can glean from the knowledge and expertise of others as it saves us countless mistakes.
A mentor can guide you through the minefield so to speak.
She has walked in your shoes.
She knows what needs to be done because she has done it.
This borrowed experience is invaluable for our progress.
Support and encouragement.
Sometimes you will hit road blocks.
There will be discouragement at certain phases of your journey to success.
It helps to have someone who has been where you are.
It helps so much to have someone in your life who is qualified enough to tell you that she understands.
It is good to have a word of encouragement from your mentor.
You respect them.
You know that they have been where you are and if they say that you can move ahead in spite of the obstacles then you tend to believe them.
A mentor will help you shorten the learning curve.
When you team up with a mentor you gain his experience and wisdom.
And because their experiences are now yours you can grow faster with less frustration and confusion.
This helps you to get positive results quickly.
Applying the wisdom filled advice of your mentor helps you to collapse time frames.
And because you don't have to go through as much trial and error you can take a more direct route to your goal.
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