See Why Working Smarter Can Actually Increase Your Business Part 1

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Author: Ellen Anne Shapiro
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See Why Working Smarter Can Actually Increase Your Business Part 1

Why does work have to be so hard? What if it really doesn"t? What if YOU are making it a lot harder than it needs to be?

"You have to work hard for everything" "It don"t come easy" "Life is struggle" "No pain, no gain" . "Money doesn"t grow on trees!" Bet you heard at least one of these growing up!

Reality check: are these beliefs an absolute truth? Do they apply across the board to every person on the planet, equally? The answer is obvious. Clearly, some people manifest things a lot more easily than others, and others struggle much more. Who would you like to be?

We are living with the imprints of the past and recreating struggle and hard work, and haven"t caught up to our new reality. The world we live in now offers ways that our ancestors could not dream of to make money, to be successful on our own terms, work in our pajamas, wake up to income from online sales in our bank account. Much more is possible now than simply wasn"t before. Visit to Receive an 1 Hour Complimentary Clarity Strategy Action Session

Hold on""before you go down a rabbit hole of magical thinking""I"m NOT saying that no work is required, that all you have to do is make a vision board and ask the Law of Attraction to bring you everything you want without lifting a finger. Vision boards and using the LOA are good""they just need to put to work by taking action in the world. The bottom line is that success in business comes from creating value for people That doesn"t happen simply by wishing and imagining. It requires action.

Does it have to be so hard, and so effortful? I say NO! While your success will require work, risk and challenge, it can be an exhilarating adventure and a joyful challenge, rather than hard, heavy, exhausting and overwhelming. What makes the difference? Clear planning, strategic keveraged action AND the right subconscious blueprint.

Take a minute to ask yourself right now, "Is there anywhere in my work or business that I am creating unnecessary struggle or more work for myself? " Watch your language for a day"what phrases do you use? Do you say words like "It"s hard", "People are difficult", or repeat other struggle beliefs? Try to observe yourself, without judging. Being curious, being compassionate with yourself and becoming aware WITHOUT beating yourself up is the first step to changing a behavior.

This might be a good moment to grab yourself an "Easy" button at Staples. One of my favorite self-awareness tool!

Here are the questions I ask my clients""you can ask yourself right now: "What"s the payoff to this struggle?

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