Michael Besson"s Answer"s for Depression, Anxiety, Worry and Fear

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Depression, Anxiety, Worry and Fear have become the "common cold" of personal health challenges, and one source estimates that it disrupts the lives of 30 to 40 million Americans. Some people say it's all in your head but if you have it, you know it's very real to you.

The biggest challenge to depression and other emotional issues is the 'answer.' You need to understand the three-fold nature of man..

1) He is a Spirit
2) He lives in a body
3) He has a Soul i.e., his mind, will and emotions

So what can a MD doctor do for you?

He has little to no training in all three areas so generally speaking he listens to his pharmaceutical sales reps advice and tells you to pop a pill. Not a bad band aid but hardly a real life long solution.

What about counseling?

If the person giving the counseling does not understand all three areas, at best you can get partial healing.

What about your pastor's help?

We all need and love pastors. But, sadly, pastors suffer at the same rate of depression (sometimes more) as the general population. Chances are a few bible verses about all things working together for the good of those that love God and are called to His purpose are not going to get to the heart of what you're going through.

Depression is too complicated to solve with a single pat answer. But try these on for size:

 Develop a multi faceted approach. This is important since it's affecting the three-fold-nature of who you are.
 Avoid being alone. Force yourself to be with people. When you pick people to be with, choose uplifting positive people. Stay away from the drama kings and queens.
 Look at your physiology. That means your breathing patterns, your eye movement, your energy level and your speech patterns. Find someone that can teach you how to change this. It will work wonders.
 Sing. Music can uplift your spirit as it did for King Saul (1 Samuel 16:14-23).

 Lean heavily on the power of God's Word. Meditate on the psalms. It heals your soul.

Depression is a complex area, and severe problems of depression deserve the attention of someone that can get you real results. DO NOT GIVE UP HOPE! You can come out of this and feel better about life than ever before if you just find the right help.

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