Why Is Everyone Else So Happy?

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We all heard the phrase, "Hurt people, Hurt people" and yet this concept is not easily understood.
When people are not happy, they naturally have a tendency to treat people with despair, discontent, disrespect and, most importantly, negative energy.
Rest assured, when you encounter an individual who always sees the glass half empty or who is struggling with life's challenges, be prepared to feel the negative energy emitted into your personal space (if you are on the receiving end).
If you are the unhappy person, try to explore reasons to why you are unhappy.
If you are on the receiving end, don't take it personal.
It is a matter of being able to first realize "It is not about you.
"People who are not happy generally have no grounds for why they "attack" or make negative statements.
The mistake we make is feeding into the behavior.
We either become defensive and lash out or we try to make sense of the irrational behavior.
We cannot control other people but we are able to control how we respond to negative behavior and we set the stage for how others will treat us.
It is not okay to be the target of one's anger or unhappiness and it is not okay to attack back.
Secondly, understand how emotions can be irrational and unstable.
Unhappy people tend to be more emotional than those who are happy, confident, content and overall pleased with their life and circumstances.
Emotions can be viewed as energy in motion.
It simply means it is ever-changing; unstable.
When dealing with someone who appears to be battling their emotions and overall self being, it might be wise to take a step back and allow the person to "Go through it.
" Lastly, some unhappy people may not directly hurt you or directly say hurtful things in your presence but this does not mean their behavior is controlled.
People who are indirect often are passive in their approach.
Their unhappiness shows up in other ways and it can be well disguised.
For example, they may make underlying comments that serve as an insult to your character.
Comments like, "Chubby Chicks are in style," "No one wants to hold onto skin and bones" or "If I had your income, I would have bought a better vehicle" or maybe "Just because you went to college don't make you better than me.
"These are all comments of insecurities and exhibit signs of unhappiness within self.
If you are one to ask, "Why is Everyone so Happy?" it might be wise to ask yourself, "Why am I not happy?" Do not focus on other people, learn to focus on yourself.
You are the author of your life and the driver to your destination.
Seek happiness through learning and understanding yourself.
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