Arm Wrestling Techniques - How to Do the Top Roll

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Arm wrestling is not just your typical Hollywood movie stunt where everything happens inside the bar, money thrown on the table with fists slamming around, participants sizing up each other mentally and everybody else getting rowdy.
The sport is being recognized worldwide with official tournaments happening just about anywhere utilizing Arm wrestling techniques to impose oneself over his opponent.
But what helped it in becoming a very popular sport is that famous technique dramatically performed by Sylvester Stallone in the Hollywood movie "Over the Top" called the "Top Roll".
Talk about twists.
This arm wrestling move is good if you sized up your opponent to be less-skilled.
Winning using this move means skills defeated brute strength.
Putting tremendous pressure on your opponent's fingers gets you leverage over him, giving you the advantage as his hand will slowly open up.
Here, you can make your move because he just lost his ability to counter your move, and you can then pin him down.
This method is also referred as the "outside" move.
This is a good tactic to prevent you opponent from exploiting his powerful arm.
Here's how Stallone did the top roll with deadly effect.
You can do the same too.
First things' first.
Gently pull your body back slightly.
As the match has started recoil by pulling back slightly to give your self more leverage and making his less.
With full force, pull your bottom knuckle towards the direction of your nose.
In a split second, bend your own wrist as you continue to pull.
This has a great effect on your opponent as his grip will be broken.
By using one finger at a time, focus intensely on breaking his grip.
Work you way through all his fingers starting from the pinkie.
You will accomplish much from this because his fingers will slowly lose the grip which put him in a losing position.
His situation will eventually be unrecoverable.
Now's the perfect moment to pin down your opponent.
As you work through his middle finger, it will be all over.
It is important not to take lightly the side pressure while you concentrate on the match utilizing the back pressure.
Taking it for granted gives your opponent an opening to counter your top roll.
Mastering Arm wrestling techniques like the top roll has real advantages.
If you can do it quick enough just like Stallone in the movie, your opponent will have absolutely no idea what had just happened.
Just like in the movie.
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