Four Smokin" Hot Tips to Boost Your Exercise Results

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There is no such thing as quick fixes or spot training for your body. However, there are - as the old saying goes - ways to work smarter not harder. The following tips will help you reach goals that once only seemed unimaginable.

1.Try Something New

Your body is like an amazing biological computer that takes information, processes it and stores it for later use. Eventually, your body has processed all the information it can store. This is why exercise reaches a point of diminishing returns, your body has gotten all it can out of your exercise routine. So try something you have never done before like kick boxing, pilates, yoga, kettle balls, or even riding a stationary bicycle. You will notice new results and muscles in place you have never seen before.

2.Go Big or Go Home!

Many trainers will tell you that lifting lighter weights and doing more repetitions will burn more calories. This is usually true, but not if you ONLY work out this way. New studies have shown that lifting heavier weights and doing fewer repetitions actually increases your body's metabolism and keeps it higher even after you are done working out. By using heavier weights in your exercise routine you will expend more energy and burn more fat.

3.Core Concepts

What is core training and why is it so important? The core is essentially where the body's center of gravity is located, along the midline of the body. The muscles of the core act to stabilize the spine, hips, and shoulders allowing for a solid base which the limbs are attached to. From this point all movement begins. There are many benefits in keeping this strong including improved balance and stability, reduced risk of injury and decreased low-back pain. Core training is especially important for older individuals and those who are just starting an exercise program. Having a strong core will help you to perform all exercises correctly using good form, so you'll get the most out of them and avoid injury.

4.Push it!

Wouldn't it be nice if you could for work out for the same amount of time and get more out of it? It sounds like a myth, but its not. Try increasing your intensity and decreasing your rest periods. By bumping-up your intensity your fat burning potential will rise by 36% in the same amount of time! Also, try decreasing your rest interval between sets and your cardiovascular fitness will improve. This will help you to exercise harder and recover faster.

By incorporating these four tips into your exercise regimen, you're guaranteed to see results faster. Before long, you'll have a smoking hot bod!
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