The Big Secret to Healthy Hair

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The best kept secret about healthy hair is that there is no secret about it; the condition and health of your scalp will determine how healthy your hair will be.
Just like fertile soil, well cared for scalp will guarantee that you hair grows healthy and long, reflecting all your efforts in trying to care of it.
Your scalp produces healthy cells to replace sick and dead ones, and when this process doesn't happen well, something will not go well with your hair.
One of the best ways to encourage this important process is to shampoo and condition your hair frequently and correctly.
We could therefore say a healthy scalp is one where the skin is well toned, stimulated and flexible.
When the scalp is flexible there will be a healthy network of blood vessels and connective tissue supplying it with oxygen and necessary nutrients.
Such a scalp is also kept clean in order for it to remain healthy.
The other thing you need to known about your scalp is that just like your face, it has pores and follicles that can get blocked and clogged.
Greasing and heavy oiling are usually the main cause of this.
You must remember that your scalp produces some sebum of its own and, as such, may not need too much additional oil.
Placing too many hair products on your scalp will end up creating dryness and the scalp reacts by producing more sebum leading to clogging.
This can be solved by washing, conditioning and moisturizing frequently.
You need to learn to use only gentle hair products that don't have harsh ingredients such as sodium sulfate and ammonium.
It is recommended that you use a moisturizing shampoo at least once a week.
If you go swimming regularly you must always remember to rinse your hair using a chelating shampoo so as to remove all the chlorine.
This should be followed by moisturizing and conditioning.
If you go to the gym and sweat it out, you must rinse the scalp with cold water so as to remove salt deposits.
Your scalp needs to be nourished and you should try and eat a diet that helps it in that direction.
Since your hair is an extremity in the body, it is among the last areas to receive nutrition.
This means when you don't eat healthy the hair does not get any nutrition.
Your diet needs to be filed with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables.
You should try and eat those that are filled with vitamin B such as grains, nuts and legumes.
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