Make the Working Environment a Better Place With Coffee Vending

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Lets picture a common scenario.
It is Monday morning after a great weekend of shopping at your favourite mall, catching up with friends over dinner and lazing in bed on Sunday morning.
Feeling relaxed you headed off to bed ready to tackle the working week ahead.
The alarm clock fails to alert you of the time and consequently you dive into the shower running late and leaving no time for breakfast let alone your much-needed coffee wake up.
You run for the bus, making it with mere nanoseconds to spare and sit zombie-like all the way to work.
It is only once you are at the office that you remember that you have an important meeting that can bring millions in for your boss and company.
Now picture that your workplace has a coffee vending machine.
You head for it gratefully and make that hot drink that enables you to make it through the day.
To some this is precisely what having a coffee vending machine in the working environment can do.
It allows you to function at your maximum capacity.
It is a simple machine that makes you coffee without the need of a barista or cashier.
The coffee is therefore less expensive and almost instant.
What benefits are there for the workplace as a whole or for those individuals that do not require their use, due to the fact they do not drink these hot beverages? The main reason relates to productivity.
If the machines were not supplied, there would be a demand to go to a shop outside the premises to meet the need.
Time is wasted travelling to and from the shop, waiting for it to be made, especially if the shop selling it is popular and always busy and the interruptions that occur along the way such as running into friends and colleagues.
Having the machine within the building or on the same floor eliminates this loss of productivity.
It can also make the working environment a better place through staff relations.
Firstly, some coffee drinkers can become quite negative in their manner when not supplied with their choice of drink.
Snappiness or abruptness towards other individuals leads to a most unpleasant and once again less productive place of work.
Resentment between staff members can amplify this unconstructive vibe.
Those who remain at their desk or space since they do not need to go outside to get coffee, see their fellow workers as getting an undeserved break.
They may feel like they have to pick up the workload to meet time constraints without reward.
Having a coffee vending machine within close proximity means that people will not be too long away from their desk.
In fact some may even think it was just a toilet break and who can deny anyone one of those? Having a coffee vending machine in the workplace is a cost-effective way of not only improving rapport between colleagues but enhancing productivity as well.
Surely this is well worth the little space that they take up.
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