How to Make a Small Nail Polish Shelf

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    • 1). Turn the larger board on long, skinny end and mark a spot two inches from each end in the center of the board. Choose a drill bit that is just slightly larger in diameter than the heads of the 2-inch wood screws you will be using. Drill 1-inch holes into each mark in the wood while anchoring the wood board with one hand or having an assistant anchor it. Mark the bottom surface of the shelf indicating the direct center of the drilled holes.

    • 2). Place the shelf board upside down on the working surface. Set the 1/4-inch skinny board underneath the shelf board, flush with the front edge of the shelf board. Predrill two evenly spaced holes down through the bottom of the larger shelf board and just barely into the smaller board using a drill bit with a diameter that is slightly smaller than the diameter of the 1/2-inch wood screws. Attach the smaller board to the larger using the 1/2-inch wood screws.

    • 3). Hold the assembled shelf up to the wall in the intended location. Use the carpenter’s level to ensure that the shelf is straight and level. Mark the wall in the location of the previous pencil markings. Predrill holes in the wall at these locations, installing drywall anchors if necessary.

    • 4). Drill 2-inch wood screws into both holes, leaving one inch of the each screw exposed. Slide the shelf unit onto the two screw heads until the shelf is flush with the wall, bending or redrilling the screws if necessary.

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