What Is the Effectiveness of the ePulse2 HRM Watch?

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What makes this ePulse2 HRM so popular is that it's strapless.
No belts to put on, adjust or attach variousmonitors to or finger sensors to record/review cardio data; just wear it on your arm and you're good to go.
It also features a calorie counter to determine how many calories you've burned during each aerobic workout.
This is truly a stand-alone dual-functional monitoring unit.
It is very important to determine your heart rate at rest and during physical excursion.
The ePluse2 will record your Max / Min / Avg Heart Rate statistics.
You biometrics is continuously recorded to help make sure you don't over train or under train during your workout period.
You can customize heart rate zones to keep your heart beats per minute within healthy cardiovascular boundaries.
Another great feature is the organic light emitting diode (OLED) display so you can read your vitals while exercising at night or in low lit areas.
The ePlus2 projects a colorful data analysis with big, easy to read text.
The buttons are large, well placed so they're easy to manipulate and pragmatic in function.
The unit design is very straight forward and though it may lack some of advanced bells and whistles as the more expensive HRM's, it more that makes up for that with ease of use, comprehensive, accurate, readable data display at a glance.
The ePulse2 offers a rechargeable battery so you can take it off after a workout, throw it on the charging unit while not in use and it will be ready for your on your next workout without replacing the batteries as often as other heart rate monitor products.
You can use this strapless monitor while bike riding, running or walking.
Customers describe the ePulse2 as being very accurate while monitoring heart rate and calories burned.
The arm/wrist strap is more comfortable than a chest strap or any other probe attachment for that matter and certainly more accurate in most cases.
You can even wear it if you have a pacemaker from some reports.
You can also enter in all your personal data (age, height, weight, etc) to track calories burned, track time exercised, and several other items even though it is first and foremost a heart rate monitor.
The customers that have owned and reviewed the product gave it 4.
5 out of 5 stars on Amazon.
It's pretty clear this little 'David' is often more valuable in some respects than the more expensive mighty 'Goliath's' on the personal fitness market.
All-in-all this product is for those who just want something simple yet effective.
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