Following Routine Or Feeling Alive?

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How much of your life is filled with routine? And what is routine? The description I found in a dictionary is: routine is the regular and habitual way of working or doing things.
Routine, in general is nothing bad and, in fact, it helps us to get things done faster, in a more reliable way as well as protecting our brain from overloading.
Just imagine you would have to think and plan each simple step while you are getting dressed in the morning; or driving your car would be just like the very fist day you were taught how to drive.
Yet, when we settle too much into a life of routine, life becomes monotonous and mechanical.
What happened when you fell madly in love? What did you feel after you passed your driving test and went on your first drive all alone? What sensation did you experience when you got the job or promotion you where aiming for with all your heart? Did you feel your heart pumping, your hands getting wet? Were you full of anticipation or did you feel excited or proud? When did you last feel so full of life? If you would like to "awaken" again and connect with the powerful energy of being fully alive, it is important to understand why some people get up in the morning, all excited to start a new day whilst others get up and just do what they have to do.
The answer lies in meaning or purpose! If you are doing things that have real meaning to you, the motivation in totally intrinsic - a fire that comes from deep inside.
The meaning is defined by your values and needs.
So, as soon as you have explored your true values and needs in great detail, it is time to reflect on your life situation - sometimes we need to make big adjustments to align our values with our actions, but often we just have to understand and become aware of the reason why we have chosen to do what we are doing.
Allow me to provide an example: there was a medical device company with lengthy production cycles which, as it grew in size, realized that motivation among the assembly line workers was decreasing.
After an assessment, the management team learned that they didn't communicate the amazing stories of patients who only survived because of the implants they received, or how patient lives had improved due to the medical treatment the had received.
The line workers just assembled parts and it became so much of a routine, that they "forgot" all the value of their work.
As soon as the company invited some of the patients to talk with the employees, the motivation was back and everyone understood the value of their work.
So, now it's up to you! Are you familiar with your values and needs in great detail? How do they align with what you are doing during the day? Are you excited when you think of what you are going to do today? Where in your life was passion replaced by routine?
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