Nocturnal Emissions – Nightfall or Wet Dreams Natural Supplements

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Nocturnal emissions refer to the fact that a man ejaculates in his sleep or a woman's vagina lubricates. They are also called wet dreams or involuntary orgasms and they are not at all uncommon. Even though nocturnal emissions are usually associated with men, they happen to women too. They don't signalize any health or mental problem and they usually occur during puberty. However, this is not a universal rule because there might be people who will experience them well after their teenage years have gone and there might also be people who don't go through this at all.

Nocturnal emissions in men might happen with or without an erection and while it is highly possible that the man wakes up while they take place, it is also possible to sleep the entire time without realizing anything. It is not yet clear what is causing them, but one thing is certain: they are not abnormal and there is nothing wrong in having them. Statistics say that over 80% of males have at least one nocturnal emission in their life. Some argue that they are generated by erotic thoughts and dreams, even if they are sometimes at the subconscious level.

However, this theory is not yet proven. The frequency of night fall is also hard to establish because it varies greatly from one individual to another. Most of the men start having them in their teenage years and they also continue during young adulthood. There is no general rule on how often they occur, not even in what concerns the same man. While some might experience them frequently, maybe every night, others might only have a few such incidents in their entire life. In other cases they don't appear in puberty, but they start taking place somewhere in adulthood or at middle age. Certain studies are connecting nocturnal emissions with masturbation rate and state that men experiencing them masturbate less often.

Since nocturnal emissions are a very delicate matter for the one that is experiencing them, they are very unlikely to be discussed with family members, friends or physicians. This is why young adults or teenagers might wonder if what happens to them is normal or not. Because they can't ask any questions out of embarrassment, they might live with this wonder for years. It is good for them to find out that there is nothing wrong with them and nocturnal emissions are a common happening although no one speaks about them out loud.
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